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IG-Engager is a Free Chrome Extension that automates your Instagram marketing by effectively targeting your selected audience and increasing your exposure with real followers.

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Easy Steps

Install our Free Chrome Extension.
Choose what to like. Hashtag or User's content.
Let it run
Let the extension do its thing
Super Safe
No Instagram username or password required.
Ease of Use
Easily manage what you like and how much.
Lightning Results
Start seeing real engagement within hours!


Supported Platforms


Google Chrome Browser

Currently IG-Engager is only supported on the Google Chrome Browser for Desktop on Windows, Mac OS X or any Operating System supporting the Google Chrome Browser.

My follower count exploded. Business has never been better. - Fast Fitness
It's effortless, and it works! - TheLeadLion
I gave it a try and now its a Major Tool in my business - Modern Haven Realty

Growing your Instagram Account effortlessly is just one click away...

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